• AV DRUM 21 can connect to the Internet. Communities can receive information via satellite to and from anywhere in the world.
    • AV DRUM 21 is the most effective means of mass communication in difficult and remote areas.
    • AV DRUM 21 is a trade product of AgriVisual

The AV Drum 21 is built into an appropriate vehicle, such as the Ford Everest, Toyota Land Cruiser or Nissan Patrol and includes the following facilities:

  • DVD, video programmes; CDs and MP3 audio programmes for rural and urban audiences.
  • Big screen DVD-based programmes projected for large audiences.
  • TV monitor for training smaller groups.
  • Video camera for recording onto DVD, camera light, tripod, and battery pack to record events in the outlying areas.
  • Powerful public address system with microphones and CD audio player for pre-recorded
    messages and music.
  • A portable generator to supply power at anytime, anywhere.
  • Integrated shock absorbing platform and lockers to protect the equipment in the toughest
  • Conduit protected wiring loom with RCD circuit breakers for equipment and operator

AV Philosophy

Lack of knowledge and poverty are linked in a vicious downward spiral. 

We believe that by effectively communicating information through modern media to people:

  • in their own locality.
  • in their own language.
  • by their own people.