The greatest impediment to economic and social development on the African continent is the poverty of information that exists at all levels of society. The communication of vital health, agricultural and education information has become a major priority for many governments and organisations, and is increasingly recognised as the most appropriate basis for sustainable development.

AgriVisual has been instrumental in pioneering the delivery of mass communications to rural communities and our mission continues to be the transfer of knowledge and techniques to empower people to improve their own lives.

AgriVisual has been working with governments and key NGOs to tackle this major issue for nearly 40 years. Using the latest digital technology and mobile communication units, AgriVisual delivers information campaigns to the remote parts of African  countries

With a wealth of experience in media production and distribution, AgriVisual has advised and delivered communication projects funded by prestigious institutions. Our services include the planning, design and implementation of behaviour change communication campaigns, including the establishment of media production and broadcast centres.

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