The AV DRUM 21 is the definitive communication platform. The specifications are tailored to meet the needs of individual projects and budgets, with a choice of vehicle, equipment and technology available. The AV DRUM 21 is built into an appropriate vehicle, such as the Ford Everest, Toyota Land Cruiser or Nissan Patrol and includes the following facilities:

DVD video programmes; CDs and MP3 audio programmes for rural and urban audiences

  • Big screen DVD-based programmes projected for large audiences
  • TV monitor for training smaller groups
  • Video camera, camera light, tripod and battery pack to record events in the field
  • Powerful public address system with microphones and CD audio player for pre-recorded messages and music
  • A portable generator to supply power at any time, anywhere
  • Integrated shock absorbing platform and lockers to protect the equipment in the toughest environments
  • Conduit protected wiring loom with RCD circuit breakers for equipment and operator protection
  • Internet connectivity on request

AV DRUM 21 is the most effective means of mass communication in the difficult and remote areas.

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